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Mariano Manzo

Goodfellas was a very good film that showed us how easy it is for someone who comes from poverty or the middle class to fall into the world of crime that brings in easy money. This film also showed us how easily this world of luxuries and easy money can turn on you and affect your loved ones.

Rylan Blair

I really enjoyed this film and would watch it again in a heartbeat. The voice over commentating that followed through the film made the movie feel like someone was just telling me a story in my ear as it played out. It also really helped with character development early on when they established who was who in the family

Mariano Manzo

I agree with Rylan, my favorite type of movies are the ones that are narrated through and this film gave us so much information through the use of narration. I would have been much more lost if it wasn't for the voice overs.

Sadee McClendon

I really enjoyed the storytelling in this film. The way the relationship between Henry and Jimmy was built throughout the film made the ending that much more surprising. The film portrayed Jimmy as a role model for Henry throughout much of his life but in the end Henry chose to protect himself. The narration in this film also added greatly to the storytelling. The narration allowed the characters themselves to explain what was going on in a particular scene and give more context, which made the story more clear.

Austin W Woodall

This really felt like a film with soul. I felt like I was a part of this large family. I was immersed and loved every one of the characters. Also, the acting was superb across the board. It actually made me want to be an Italian gangster haha.

Tyler Durbin

I thought this film was wonderfully made. In the past I’ve been told to watch it, but never did. After, watching it in class I’m glad I did. Probably one of my top favorite movies now. I thought for the time period it was filmed in, they did a great job. Overall, it was a great film.

Camden Kennedy

This film was incredibly stimulating. I was able to relate to Henry Hill from the from the first few scenes and I quickly cared about the family he soon became a part of. I felt I had seen this movie a hundred times before. Probably because so many gang affiliated movies were likely inspired by this movie and or the book it was based off of. I was also happy to see Robert De Niro and Ray Liotta in one of their classics. I'll have to watch Taxi driver and The Raging of the bull next.

Precious Taufetee

Goodfellas was an awesome film. I was really amazed at how Henry Hill decided he what and who was going to be at such a young age, especially since he choose to be a gangster. Also his hustle in the film was honestly something I was really impressed at, like he knew what he had to do in order to make money, and he always had connections. It was a really interesting twist at the end though, I didn't expect him to turn on Jimmy or Paulie.

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